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Friday, 24 June 2011

the promised pictures of Zenyatta

just as i promised in the previous post the pics of zenyatta will be downloaded in this post.

i got these pics over the internet. they're the best ones i found - they show off how heautiful and majestic she is!

I hope you like them!!:)
oh and ps: im sorry for the distribution of the pictures but theres a little problen thats causing this. again: sorry :)
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Famous racehorses: Zenyatta!!

Our hero, our champion, the biggest racing queen ever: Zenyatta!
Zenyatta was born April 1 2004, April's Fools Day, which would explain her wonderful horsey sense of humor! the mare is out of sire Street Cry and mare Vertigineux.

Zenyatta was ridden by hall of fame jokey Mike Smith, trained by John Sheriff and owned by Jerry and Ann Moss. The mare raced away to fame and glory after completing a record of 19 consecutive wins and suffering only one loss in the 2010 Breeders Cup Classic after putting in one of the most wonderful and emotional preformances the world has ever witnesed!

After hot arguments and endless debates over horse of the year award winner, Zenyatta won, and won clean and clear! The racing world and all of Zenyatta's fans were in a frenzy of exuberant joy!

Adding to that, Zenyatta was the only horse to ever equal the great Eclipse's wins, which were 19 consecutive wins. she was the only female horse to ev er win the Breeders Cup Classic.

She is now retired at Lanes End farm in Kentucky and is expecting her first foal next year.
for more info about this magnificent horse visit:
the pics of zenyatta will soon be added thnx for reading! :)
(this post was written with the help of my friend horse lover and rider: Zeina)
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Saturday, 23 April 2011


One of the Canadian animals is the raccoon. It's mostly found in Southern Canada and it spends alot of time in trees or near lakes trying to find its favorite food: crayfish. A raccoon also eats frogs, snails, corn, berries and bird eggs. Unlike other animals, a raccoon likes to wash its food, by rolling it in a stream, before eating it. If it didnt find a stream or a river it would eat it just as it is. Most of its fur is grey but it has 4-6 black rings on its tail and black fur grows around their eyes making them look as if they are wearing a mask.

Most raccoons grow upto the size of small dogs and they make very good swimmers. They make homes out of a hollow tree, a cave or in burrows but many wander into the city. The citizens think of them as pests because they rip open garbage bags and jump into garbage cans insearch of something to eat. Many people try getting rid of them by putting poison in their yards.
Raccoons are feirce creatures and can be very aggressive if attacked. That charecteristic makes them able to fend for themselves against wolves or hunt dogs. Many raccoons are hunted for their expensive fur.

In my opinoin, raccoons are amazing creatures and they should not be hunted for what ever reason. i understand that the citizens get annoyed when they see their garbage cans knocked down, but they should not try to kill them. The best solution is calling the wild life animal rescue and returning it to its habitat. What do you think?
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

German Shepherds

Most people know what are German shepherds but in this post i will tell u about those intelligence dogs in more details.
They were originated in Germany and are highly intelligent. Their ability to be trained is really high too thats why they are used on police forces and military roles. They can weigh from 22 kg to 40 kg. They can come in a golden color, black color, golden with black or, rarely, white and their fur requires lots of grooming. The German shepherds make really good working dogs but
that doesn't mean that they can't be kept as pets. many people do keep them as pets.
Due to the fact that they are really active, they need constant exercise
and attention. They also make great companions as they are known to be very loyal. So if u ever decide to get a German shepherd, for what ever reason, just remember that they will always be with you till the very end!


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Saturday, 26 March 2011


The animal i chose for this post is giraffes!
As we all know for a fact, have the longest necks of all creatures. They have long legs which allow them to run 35 miles an hour. They live in small groups of maybe half a dozen or so. These towering animals use their height to eat the leaves and buds on the tree tops. Every thing in a giraffe is long and that includes their 21 inch long, blue tongue!
The giraffes height has advantages and
disadvantages. It's very dangerous for a giraffe to drink water as it has to spread its legs and lower itself so low which makes it an easy prey for the big cats.
The giraffes coats are just like the humans' fingerprints as there is no giraffe withe the same coat print as the other. There always has to be a difference!


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Friday, 18 February 2011

dear everyone!

Hi everybody! I miss u and my blog so much. I haven't been writing new posts as my life has been so busy! With my school work and taking care of all my cats and my friends..........Well its been busy. Anyway i want to say i'm back with so many things to write! im really hoping to hear from u all and to read your comments!!!

p.s this is a picture of my adorable cat max! isn't she cute???
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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dolphin Pics

I found some amazing dolphin pictures! Its the first time i amke a post for pictures only but why not?! so ENJOY!!!
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