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Saturday, 23 April 2011


One of the Canadian animals is the raccoon. It's mostly found in Southern Canada and it spends alot of time in trees or near lakes trying to find its favorite food: crayfish. A raccoon also eats frogs, snails, corn, berries and bird eggs. Unlike other animals, a raccoon likes to wash its food, by rolling it in a stream, before eating it. If it didnt find a stream or a river it would eat it just as it is. Most of its fur is grey but it has 4-6 black rings on its tail and black fur grows around their eyes making them look as if they are wearing a mask.

Most raccoons grow upto the size of small dogs and they make very good swimmers. They make homes out of a hollow tree, a cave or in burrows but many wander into the city. The citizens think of them as pests because they rip open garbage bags and jump into garbage cans insearch of something to eat. Many people try getting rid of them by putting poison in their yards.
Raccoons are feirce creatures and can be very aggressive if attacked. That charecteristic makes them able to fend for themselves against wolves or hunt dogs. Many raccoons are hunted for their expensive fur.

In my opinoin, raccoons are amazing creatures and they should not be hunted for what ever reason. i understand that the citizens get annoyed when they see their garbage cans knocked down, but they should not try to kill them. The best solution is calling the wild life animal rescue and returning it to its habitat. What do you think?
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